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Criminal Law

Criminal Justice is a system of laws concerned with holding offenders accountable for committing crimes.  It strives to seek equal and fair justice; but often falls short.  A good defense attorney is critical if you find yourself facing a criminal charge.  Criminal justice triggers our most cherished right:  Our right to be free.  Since a conviction can result in the loss of one’s liberty, among other consequences, you need an attorney that is as worried about this reality as much as you are.  If you are being investigated, have been charged, or are facing a probation or parole violation, we never lose sight of your fears or goals.  Keeping you informed, providing you clear answers, and fighting for your constitutional rights is our duty.


Our legal system is a system that is fundamentally adversarial.  It is a system where there is a winner and a loser.  And often, even if you’ve “won,” you’ve still lost because of the time, energy, and money you’ve spent to get there.  Mediation is a 3000-year-old system that utilizes a trained neutral third party to help create a confidential resolution that you created and which carries the force of law, that you created.  We believe conflict resolution is the better path for most of our clients.  Lawyers don’t win when clients reach speedy resolutions: Clients do.  If you agree, we will always pursue an easier and less painful conflict resolution on your behalf.

Personal Injury

We do not chase ambulances.  We do not represent every person that says that they have been injured.  But, if you have been injured physically or financially and we agree that you should be made whole, we are prepared to fight until you are satisfied. 

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a term that refers to a number of alternatives to litigation such as negotiation, arbitration, or mediation. This office is prepared to utilize these processes to resolve your matter. It also refers to the principal philosophy this office uses when evaluating a client’s matter.  Our firm strives to resolve your conflict with as much effectiveness and promptness as possible. This may occur after a phone call or a letter.  Other times it will take a trial that involves litigation over months or maybe years.  We will do whatever is necessary to resolve your dispute as effectively and efficiently as possible and we will utilize all possible techniques and processes to do this.

Family Law

Facing a family law issue, such as a divorce or a custody dispute, is often one of the most intimate and difficult events in a person’s life.  It usually involves your children, your spouse, or another loved one. Choose a lawyer that cares. Choose a lawyer that listens and is available to you. Choose a lawyer that has the necessary skills and motivation to resolve your conflict as efficiently as possible. Choose a lawyer who is also experienced and capable of being aggressive when such is required.

General Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a general term that refers to lawsuits where one party is most often asking for money from the other party. You might find yourself needing to sue someone or you might find yourself being served with a summons and complaint Whatever your situation, it can often feel overwhelming. First, it is important you do not delay and find an attorney you can trust to quickly assist you. There are important deadlines when you are sued or aggrieved and you must be prepared to respond and move forward with trusted and reliable legal advice. Lawsuits can be expensive and time consuming but oftentimes, they are simply inevitable. We are resolution focused and litigation ready. We can answer your questions and guide you through whatever type of lawsuit you find yourself dealing with or needing to file.

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